2014 Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome Commercial Variety Test Results

Friday, December 11, 2015
Leaves of soybean plant with Sudden Death Syndrome

By: Cathy Schmidt, Peter Lundeen, Maxine Shenaut, Jason Bond, Silvia Cianzio

"Approximately 500 commercially available varieties, ranging in maturity from Maturity Group (MG) 0 to MG V were tested in 2014. Each MG was split into early € and late (L) categories (except from MG 0 and MG V). The table below describes the planting location for each maturity category. ND indicates the location was planted but there was not sufficient disease pressure (minimum DX of 15 for the susceptible check). X indicates data from that location is presented within this report. . .

All locations were planted by May 7, which is excellent for such a large-scale SDS program. In general, the 2014 soybean crop had sporadic occurrences of SDS in the south and south-central portions of the country. The north-central and north tier experienced moderate disease pressure late in the season and had wide distribution. While no variety is immune to SDS, there are varieties that perform very well in severe SDS environments. Data presented here is from a single year at one or two locations. Varieties may perform differently in other environments.”

Link to full study: Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome Commercial Variety Test Results


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