Soybean Seedlings: Discoloration in Soybeans is not Disease

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
By: John Obermeyer, Purdue Extension Entomology, Integrated Pest Management Specialist
Healthy soybean seedlings treated with ILeVO

Don’t fear the ILeVO halo….effect. ILeVO is the market solution to manage sudden death syndrome. This seed treatment can result in discoloration that resembles disease or herbicide injury. Researchers at Purdue measured the long-term impact on soybeans.  

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More Information on the Halo Effect from Bayer:

In most instances, growers will see the Halo Effect – a visual confirmation that ILeVO is working to protect the plant. The Halo Effect is a discoloration that appears on the edge of the cotyledons, appearing first as light green to yellow to brown as the seedling emerges. The discoloration is limited to the cotyledons and does not appear on the unifoliates or trifoliates.

The Halo Effect is an indication that ILeVO is being localized in the soybean root and seedling where it is needed for protection against the fungus causing SDS and against nematodes as well.

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